Help us to expand the Jazz Museum

We've launched a fundraiser!

We have been open for only 9 months and we need your help to tell more of the story of the evolution of rhythms from West Africa that would become inextricably intertwined with the melody and harmony of France and the bold sound of BRASS from Germany. Jazz did not drop out of the SKY. The process took well over 200 years and more than 7 cultural influences in order for jazz to happen. The French classical influences coupled with another style of drumming , as the Civil War would usher in an array of Brass Instruments. The end of slavery and the reality of Plessy versus Fergueson were the proper ingredients for the development of Jazz and Rag by Uptown Blacks and Downtown Afro-Creoles. And yes, it happened right here, New Orleans! Your support will help us to tell and share more of this hidden “Story of Jazz”. Our plan is to expand the Jazz Museum to include another 200 Linear Feet of display area located on the 2nd floor of the existing Jazz Museum Building. This area would become the center piece of our various exhibits and an area dedicated to jazz research. The first floor would become a teaching environment for young children and would also serve as a live music venue. Please consider supporting our fundraiser here: